Tui Na: The Ultimate Pain Relieve

Ancient Technique In Modern Approach

What Is Tui Na? 什么是推拿?

Tui Na is a therapeutic massage used in ancient China that has been around for over 2,000 years. It combines the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) knowledge, to treat & heal the body ache.

This Chinese therapy make use of rhythmic compression techniques along different energy channels of the body to establish harmonious flow of “Qi” throughout the body and bringing it back to balance. It works deeply with the positive energy of the body.


Difference Between Tui Na And Normal Massage(推拿与一般按摩的分别)

Normal body massage works on superficial skin tissues to relax muscle tension, some like Javanese type works on a stronger pressure to relief harder areas. It may soothe the ache instantly but the result usually couldn’t last long as the “source of pain/blockage” hasn’t been clear thoroughly.

TCM Tui Na technique works along meridians of the body to stimulate “Qi”(气) to remove blockage in the body. Overall, Tui Na’s sensation is more painful than usual massage, The only reason is it works along blockage meridians areas which is the source of aching problem.


Benefits Of Tuina (推拿的好处)

The main benefit of Tui Na massage is that it focuses on the specific problem, whether it is an acute or a chronic pain associated with the joints, muscles or a skeletal system. This technique is very beneficial in reducing the pain of neck, shoulders, hips, back, arms, highs, legs and ankle disorders. It is a very effective therapy for arthritis, pain, sciatica and muscle spasms. Other benefits of this massage therapy include alleviation of the stress related disorders like insomnia, constipation, headaches and other disorders related to digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.

The greatest advantage of Tui Na is that it focuses on maintaining the overall balance of both physical and mental health. Anyone who wants to avoid the side effects of drugs or a chemical based treatment can adopt this effective massage technique to alleviate their pain. Tui Na massage therapy is now becoming a more common therapy method due to its focus on specific problems rather than providing a general treatment.


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