Men’s Skin


Characteristic of Men’s Skin

  • Thicker Dermis: Some people just use layman term “thicker skin”. As men don’t go for regular facial or done home care as much as compared to women, men usually have rougher skin & uneven skin tone which is caused by dead skin cells.
  • Larger Oil Glands: that’s why men’s skin are more prone to oiliness. The combination of oiliness & dead skin cell creates the perfect environment for P.Acnes bacteria.
  • Larger Sweat Glands: now you know why you sweat more
  • More Fine Lines & Wrinkles: due to not taking proper care of their skin over the years, sun damage to men is even greater than women.


  1. Men can only use men’s range product ?
    The answer is yes & no. Yes, if your skin is oily and don’t have much other problems. No, if your skin problems are    more complicated, you have concern other than just oily, including acne, fine lines, ageing and dryness etc. Men’s Product on the counter usually cater for generally oily skin types, if you have greater concern about your skin, you  should look for products than can really fix your problems.

  2. Most moisturizers are made for women, men shouldn’t use it ? Moisturizers and wrinkle creams are made for men and women alike, it is to solve the skin condition regardless male or female, keeping the skin moist is important for everyone. Men tend to have oilier than women, stay with lightweight serum or moisturizer.

  3. Facial is a girl’s thing, a real man shouldn’t go for it ? Not really. Facial is for everyone who wants to improve their skin condition. Keeping your skin clean will enable your skin to stay healthier, younger looking, less sensitive and reduces razor bump. And of course, choosing a good facial is a key element for good skin too.

  4. No need to apply sunblock if I’m staying at home ?  Not exactly. UV violet will also     penetrates into your house through reflection, and even a short outing such as a 5     minutes walk will also harm the skin when you are outside without sunscreen.

  5. Men got more blackhead than women ? Not really, only women tend to extract it out when they see it, but men will mostly ignore. Blackhead won’t just disappear on its own, so it will accumulate and thus, make men’s blackhead look more obvious.


  1. Keeping skin healthy means you will look younger for longer period, and that is very important for career (and dating) opportunities.

  2. Shaving will be easier, skin less irritated and inflamed and you’ll experience less ingrown hairs, too.

  3. Having fewer breakouts, dry spots, and oily areas means you will looks more attractive.

  4. Feeling better about yourself, nothing wrong (or unmanly) about wanting to look more groomed.


  • Diamond Peel (MicroDermabrasion): for coarse & dull skin. Vacuum away dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother & cleaner. Good for people facing razor bump currently.

  • Hydro Refreshing Facial: a lightweight hydrating facial for dry and tired skin. Penetrates the high concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule together with Cold Therapy Machine (For tired & dull skin tone will use Ultrasonic), a very relaxing  & refreshing facial.

  • Pore Minimizing: a cold treatment help to syringe the enlarged pores, leaving your skin cleaner, refreshed & cool. A good facial treat.

  • Oxygen Boosting: replenishes tired skin cells with oxygen to encourage cell regeneration. As a result, reveal a healthier, younger skin.


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