IPL Hair Removal

Why Choose Us ?

  1. Most Value For Money IPL: Probably one of the Most Value For Money IPL Hair Removal in town.
  2. Effective: See the result in 3-6 sessions, some may even see it after first session.

  3. Transparent Pricing: Count by flash, pay only for what you need. Adopt transparent pricing.
  4. Any Part of The Body: one package, various parts, various friends.
  5. Hygiene : Disposable spatula, IPL gel & protector. We practice hygiene.

  6. Share with Friends: One package,various friends. Share with friends to enjoy the best discount.

  7. Good Service: We compromise in price, but never compromise in good service & staff quality.

  8. Flexible: Remaining balance can convert to other packages or services.

How Much It Cost: 

Cost as low as $0.30 per flash, depending on which package committed.We have several IPL packages cater for different needs, you may refer to chart below to find out which plan suits you better.


What Results Can You Expect? 

 IPL is not a one-time hair removal, it takes a few visits to see results. Firstly, you may noticed the speed of hair growth slows down after 2-3 visits and hair become thinner even if it grows. Secondly, after 4-6 visits, some of hair seems to stop growing, hair reduces by 40-60%. But its just a temporary effect, hair follicle is weaken, but continueous visits are needed as hair will regrow due to cell renewal once treatment stops. Full treatment takes about 12-15 sessions, while brazilian may takes more. Overall, that depends on individual’s reaction to the treatment, as some people may require less visits.

First Trial? Not Sure Which To Go ?

Get a special trial price at $0.66/flash.

Or, grab the super deal below !


Cheap Brazilian IPL Trial Package, great for people who wants to have an easy start to try Brazilian IPL Hair Removal without high commitment. For sure, our IPL result is guaranteed. Just a little note here, that a trial package served with limited flashes. Basically, most people would want to try our IPL Hair Removal first to see the results before they commit to any packages.

Share the joy with your friends and be rewarded. Without doubt, we offer the most value & flexible IPL Hair Removal service in Singapore. If your friends are searching for good IPL service provider, share with her, help her to save money. And, you will be rewarded. A Win-Win situation. 🙂

How IPL Works

“Your self confidence. A cut above the rest.”

Welcome a new and confident bikini-ready body.

Save the hassle of having to wax, shave, pluck and epilate endlessly. See below illustration for more details:


Step 1:

Place the probe on affected area.


Step 2:

Green and Blue light will emit and the melanin in the hair absorbs the intense light and changes it into intense heat.


Step 3:

Heat spreads to nearby structures by contact and damages the cells of hair follicles.


Step 4:

The hair from the follicle is permanently removed.

IPL Hair Removal FAQ

1) How many sessions to see the result? 

Results does not deliver in just a session. Generally, it takes 8-15 sessions depending on the part you are working on. For example, result of underarm is faster than brazilian due to different hair intensity.

2) What’s the best interval timing for next visit?

Best interval periods for the beginning period is 2 weeks, following by 3 weeks when hair grows slower, and 4-6 weeks when hair grows thinner and temporary stop growing. For people who have done IPL, a 2 months interval period is recommanded for                 maintainence.

3) What to expect during treatment? 

Prior to each treatment, a cooling gel will be applied on the intended areas. Protective eye wear will be provided to shield your eyes from intense light. During treatment, you will feel the heat/ warmness from the device heat. The whole procedure takes about 5-15 mins, depending on the areas involved.

4) Is it painful? 

Well, we won’t say is totally painless, but the pain level is totally bearable. The sensation felt very much like rubber band snapping. But not to worry about the pain level, as the energy level can be adjusted. Just tell our experienced therapist that you prefer a higher or lower energy, they will act accordingly.

5) What result can I expect after each session? 

The hair will appear to grow very slowly for approximately 2-4 week. But it only affects the hair that is actively growing, which is Anagen Stage. This is why treatments must be performed over a number of sessions, with a specific time span between treatments.

6) How much the IPL Hair Removal Treatment cost? 

At True Aesthetics, we offer competitive and flexible treatment plan to suit your needs. Each IPL flash cost only $0.50 to $1.00 depends on which package you signed up. Not to worry of big commitment, as the smallest package costs only $240 and it can be share with any of your friends.

7) How many IPL flash do I need? 

Depends on the skin tone & hair conditions. Generally, 20+- flashes for underarm, 30-50+- flashes for brazilian, 120-200 flashes for legs.

8) What so special about True Aesthetics IPL service? 
Our IPL result is promising, our price is probably the lowest in the market, our package are flexible & affordable. With any package signed, you can work on any part of the body, share with any friends, come on any dates. Though our price is affordable, we will   never compromise on our service & quality.

If this is your first IPL Hair Removal session, no worries. Our well-trained staffs will be there to explain to you how the IPL works, what to expect and what to take note after your IPL Hair Removal Session when you visit our outlet the next time. A Good IPL Hair Removal experience is our promise to you!

Still not sure? Feel free to call us 🙂 

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